Teaching Method

Our teaching methods will help shape your learning experience, making sure you are exposed to a variety of learning styles:

Academic committees and faculty committee of each Department use course - appraisal to review the course contents. At the end of each semester every student gives a feedback on the course content, its relevance and performance of the Lecturer. Feedback from students has helped in continually improving courses and teaching quality.

Why Study at ASET?

The key features of at institute are:
  • Class lectures delivered by expert professors who are also leading practitioners in their professional fields
  • In-class discussions promoting interaction to help students improve verbal skills and to learn through dialogue and debate
  • Class presentations encourage students to take a leadership role, share their knowledge, and improve public speaking skills
  • Challenging opportunities to participate in safety related activities to enhance the students knowledge.
  • Course readings that require students to expand their perspective and synthesize new material
  • Departmental Computer laboratories with required design software
  • Peer student feedback that promotes learning through constructive critiques of each other’s work Your educational experience will be challenging, enlightening, collaborative, and supportive. The results, if you work hard, will be profound. You will enjoy improved abilities in:
  • English language fluency
  • Extra classes for slow learners
  • Academic writing
  • Presentation skills
  • Reading strategies
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Keen Knowledge in safety field
  • Safety awareness in kind ways